Construction Law

GFP Legal provides comprehensive legal assistance with regard to infrastructural investments comprising construction of industrial, commercial, office and residential facilities as well as other infrastructural objects such as roads or railway lines. We support not only investors and general contractors but also subcontractors, materials’ suppliers and service providers.

Our attorneys-at-law assist clients in preparing and negotiating contracts connected with the construction process, including those on FIDIC terms, in particular as regards contracts for design works, construction contracts and contracts with subcontractors, consortium members and other entities involved in the investment process. We also advise our clients at the stage of contract performance, i.a. with respect to legal risk and claim management.

We represent clients in administrative and court proceedings connected with obtaining administrative permits necessary to carry out the planned investments, including zoning permits, decisions on environmental conditions of investments and construction permits.

Should any disputes arise in the course of contract performance we help assess our clients’ claims as well as claims that may be brought against them, indicating possible scenarios and available courses of action. We provide legal representation in arbitration and court proceedings, in particular in cases involving payment of remuneration or contractual penalties as well as in matters connected with warranty claims.

You can count on us

  • We provide comprehensive legal advisory with regard to infrastructural investments, including investments based on FIDIC rules.
  • We assist in the preparation and negotiation of contracts connected with the construction process.
  • We provide support for investors, general contractors, subcontractors as well as materials’ suppliers and service providers.