Renewable energy sources

The Polish renewable energy sector (RE) has been growing dynamically in recent years. Although the national energy industry continues to be based on fossil fuels, the growing social awareness concerning environmental protection and the public authorities’ focus on building an innovative economy result in the continuous growth of clean energy’s share in the overall Polish energy balance. Moreover, our country is slowly becoming an important player in the manufacturing of equipment necessary for the production of green energy, especially with respect to photovoltaics.The lawyers at GFP Legal specialize in investments in renewable energy facilities. We realize that the construction of a largescale wind or solar farm or a hydro plant is not an easy task and that administrative obstacles connected therewith seem overwhelming. Nevertheless, a carefully thought-out investment with proper legal support has a very good chance of success. Therefore, an investment in renewable energy in definitely worth considering, as it may bring about both financial and PR gains.

We offer comprehensive legal assistance related to investments in renewable energy sources. We help obtain the necessary administrative permits, including environmental decisions. We advise during the construction stage and help solve practical problems that occur in the process. We also assist our clients in connecting the renewable energy installations to the distribution network, conducting their trial runs and in their future use and maintenance.