Non-governmental organizations

The NGOs sector, commonly referred to as the third sector, consists of non-governmental organizations established by citizens in order to pursue public interest. As a result of the growth of social awareness and sensitivity of the people the number of third sector entities in Poland has grown significantly in recent years. Interestingly, Dolny Śląsk (Wrocław in particular) is in the lead when it comes to the number of registered NGOs and the number of NGOs per capita. This does not come as a surprise since Wrocław has for many years actively supported social initiatives i.a. by allocating a part of its annual budget to finance projects chosen by the local community through a direct vote.

Our contacts and cooperation with NGOs – both in the private and professional field – have allowed us to learn the specifics of the third sector and get to know the key problems the NGOs are facing. We understand how many doubts may arise when dealing with courts and public authorities and the level of stress associated therewith. We also know it is not easy to navigate through the jungle of Polish legal regulations, especially if one has no or little legal expertise.

We offer our clients comprehensive legal assistance in establishing and managing the operations of NGOs, including associations and foundations. We provide support in the preparation of the required documentation and advise how to obtain the public benefit organization status (OPP). We organize training sessions, conduct audits and provide representation in court and administrative proceedings.

You can count on us

  • We have helped establish a foundation named “Siła Zdrowia” and have provided comprehensive legal advice for this foundation for over 4 years.
  • We have advised a foundation named “Green Cross Poland” in the development and implementation of “LiveGreen”, a mobile application promoting ecology.
  • We have assisted “Samotnia”, a hostel in the Karkonosze Mountains, in the negotiations of a new lease contract with the Polish Tourist Association (PTTK).