In recent years we have noted an unabated growth of the infrastructural investments’ sector in Poland. The access to EU funding has enabled public entities to significantly increase the number and scope of public infrastructural projects, in particular those concerning road and railway networks as well as public transportation. The landscapes of Polish cities, such as e.g. Wrocław, are changing dynamically. New concert halls, theaters and other public utility facilities are being built. It should be noted however that private sector does not fall far behind. This refers particularly to developers who build new residential areas as well as new office facilities to meet the expectations of our growing economy.

The lawyers at GFP Legal understand the needs of investors and contractors engaged in the construction process. We know how important it is to work in a timely and effective manner and that some things just cannot wait. We understand the specifics of the construction industry and are able to look at our clients’ problems not only from a purely legal perspective. One of our attorneys has been learning the business since childhood while helping his parents run a family construction firm. The distinguishing feature of our law firm is that we have an extensive experience in providing legal advisory in connection with large scale infrastructural projects, including the construction of roads and large format facilities. Our lawyers were engaged in many prestigious investments, such as e.g. the City Stadium and the National Music Forum in Wrocław.

We offer comprehensive legal support in connection with construction projects from the beginning of each investment. We assist in negotiating and finalizing construction contracts (including those based on FIDIC rules) as well as in the course of their completion and settlement. We advise in the times of crisis. We also help determine the validity of our clients’ claims or claims that may be brought against them, presenting possible scenarios and available courses of action. We provide legal representation in arbitration or court proceedings.

You can count on us

  • We have represented Przedsiębiorstwo Budownictwa Drogowego sp. z o.o. in court proceedings in connection with a groundless imposition of a contractual penalty, which ended in a judgment being given according to which more than PLN 250,000 was awarded in favour of our client.
  • We have advised MRP sp. z o.o. in the carrying out of a new investment comprising construction of a new production facility.
  • The partners at our law firm participated in such investment projects as the construction of the A1 highway as well as the construction of the City Stadium and the National Music Forum in Wrocław.