Food, medicinal products and cosmetics

In recent years healthcare, pharmacy and food industry has become one of the most dynamic sectors of our economy. Since social awareness regarding health is rapidly growing and staying fit is a trend, the demand for medicines, food supplements and medical services is also in the increase. In order to meet this demand new products are constantly launched into the market by pharmaceutical companies, whereas chains of pharmacies and healthcare providers continue their expansion. However, healthcare, pharmacy and food businesses have kept encountering numerous barriers hindering their growth, resulting from the fact that this industry is heavily regulated by the state.Lawyers at GFP Legal are well acquainted with the issues troubling the healthcare, pharmacy and food sector, associated with the existence of constantly changing, detailed legal regulations and their incoherent interpretation and application by public authorities. We are aware how difficult it is today to market an innovative product, organize sales/distribution processes or launch a marketing campaign that does not violate any laws. Therefore, we have developed the know-how to help our clients successfully deal with the problems they are facing and achieve their business objectives while minimizing risk. Our distinguishing feature is the extensive experience of our attorneys-at-law, in particular in advisory for distributors and wholesalers of medicines and food supplements as well as for chains of pharmacies.

We provide our clients’ with full support with regard to registration, market admission, manufacturing, distribution and advertising of medicinal products. We advise in matters involving food and health certificates, food tagging as well as with regard to regulations concerning marketing, manufacturing and distribution of particular kinds of food products. We help create distribution, marketing and franchise agreements as well as internal policies and regulations, which minimize compliance risks. We offer assistance with the assessment of advertising and promotional materials. We also provide legal representation in proceedings before pharma and food authorities and administrative courts.

We offer legal advice in establishing, transforming and liquidating healthcare providers as well as with regard to research and medical experiments. We support medical practices and hospitals in their day-to-day operations. We assist our clients in their contacts with the National Health Fund, in particular when negotiating, performing or settling contracts therewith or when they are subject to official controls.

You can count on us

  • We have supported the day-to-day operations of the chains of pharmacies managed by Zdrowie ze znakiem Kangura sp. o.o. and Apteneo sp. z o.o.
  • We have provided corporate advisory services to Cabinplant sp. z o.o., a manufacturer of production lines destined for the manufacturing of food and food packaging.
  • One of the partners at our law firm has an extensive experience in providing legal services to manufacturers of medicines and food supplements and to pharmacy wholesalers gained while working i.a. for Hasco-Lek S.A. and PGF Urtica sp. z o.o.