Entrepreneurs who offer their products or services to consumers (B2C) are subject to many regulations aimed at ensuring adequate consumer protection. These regulations result from various legal acts, many of which have their roots in EU directives. Some regulations have a broad, cross-industry scope of application, while others apply only to specified sectors (e.g. consumer loans or tourism).

A deep understanding of consumer regulations is very important, particularly for entities operating in sectors such as banking and financial services, insurance, tourism, telecommunications and e-commerce. It allows entrepreneurs to design products, services and processes in such a way that business objectives can be achieved without exposure to compliance risks.

GFP Legal provides comprehensive legal support in the field of consumer regulations. We conduct audits of our clients’ operations to identify compliance risks. We help design products or services and assist in preparing the necessary consumer documentation, including terms of service, contract templates, etc. We advise on how to fulfil informational obligations and how to structure consumer complaint management process. Furthermore, we provide legal representation before competent authorities, including the President of the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection and the Financial Ombudsman, as well as in courts.

You can count on us

  • We assisted S.A. in designing the services’ selling process.
  • We supported Lime-Kredyt Sp. z.o.o. (a lending institution) in handling consumer complaints and represented the company before the Financial Ombudsman.
  • We helped with the market launch of Setpin (by Smart Porter) – an innovative solution enabling landlords to automate the process of short and long term apartment rental.