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Labour Law
We advise on matters related to the termination of employment, including collective dismissals.
Construction Law
We assist in the preparation and negotiation of contracts connected with the construction process.
Pharmaceutical Law
We help create and implement sales, distribution, franchise and marketing strategies.
Intellectual Property
We conduct legal audits focused on compliance with intellectual property regulations.
Contract Law
We help draft contracts and regulations, including bespoke agreements tailored to meet the clients’ needs.
Insurance and Damage Claims
We provide legal representation in the pursuit of damage claims.
Company Law
We advise in the process of selling or acquiring shares.
Real Estate Law
We support property managers, housing cooperatives and condominiums in their ongoing operations.
Public Procurement
We advise in the process of creating tender documentation, including tender conditions, draft contracts, etc.
Consumer Protection
We support e-commerce businesses, in particular online stores and service platforms.
Debt Collection
We offer receivables’ monitoring which allows our clients to maintain full control over the timeliness of payments from their debtors.
Personal Data Protection
We help in the preparation and implementation of the required data protection documentation and in the fulfillment of registration obligations.

Key sectors

Our lawyers

GFP Legal is an innovative law firm with its seat in Wrocław. Although we are a local firm, we operate nationwide and, if need be, support our clients in running their projects abroad. Regardless of whether you own a start-up or manage a large company with an established market presence, our law firm has the potential and experience to help you meet even the most complicated challenges.

Piotr Grzelczak

Piotr Grzelczak

"Please contact me for assistance regarding construction law, labor law or consumer protection regulations as well as in matters involving intellectual property, personal data protection or M&A."

+48 792 917 998

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Bartosz Fogel

Bartosz Fogel

"Please contact me for assistance regarding pharmaceutical and medical law, food law or real estate law as well as in matters involving public procurement or damage claims."

+48 513 174 801

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Our clients

The legal services of GFP Legal have been performed with the utmost professional diligence. We can always count on the expertise and experience of its lawyers and their creativity in finding the best solutions.

Shuji Higaki, Management Board Member
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland sp. z o.o.

GFP Legal has advised our Foundation in matters related to its statutory purposes. All tasks assigned to the lawyers have been carried out with the utmost diligence. We are convinced that this law firm guarantees the highest standard of legal services for non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Donata Kałużna, Chief Operational Officer
Green Cross Poland Foundation

The team of lawyers at GFP Legal took part in creating our Company and has provided us with day-to-day legal advisory for more than 6 years now. All our legal requests have always been completed in a timely and professional manner to the full satisfaction of our needs.

Maciej Król, Management Board Vice-President
Zdrowie ze znakiem Kangura
sp. z o.o.

GFP Legal took part in creating our Foundation and has provided us with day-to-day legal advisory ever since. Our cooperation has been excellent and we have always been very pleased with the way our matters have been handled. The experience of the team of lawyers at GFP Legal has proved invaluable in many problematic situations.

Paweł Jasiński, Management Board President
Siła Zdrowia Foundation

GFP Legal has advised us in corporate matters. The services have always been performed in a timely and professional manner. We particularly appreciate the expertise and openness of the lawyers.

Dariusz Korzeniowski, Proxy
Cabinplant sp. z o.o.

We have been working together with GFP Legal for many years now. The firm has supported our day-to-day operations, in particular when it comes to public procurement, labor law and contract law. It has also successfully represented our Company in court proceedings as a result of which we have recovered receivables worth a few hundred thousand zlotys.

Ksawery Kossowski, Management Board President
Przedsiębiorstwo Budownictwa Drogowego sp. z o.o.

GFP Legal provides us with comprehensive legal advisory. We use the services of its lawyers predominantly in corporate matters and when executing new contracts or dealing with courts and public authorities. We appreciate the firm’s professionalism, creativity and openness to new ideas.

Łukasz Kubasik, Management Board President
Metales sp. z o.o.

GFP Legal has supported our ongoing operations. Due to the fact that we are a company with foreign capital, we particularly appreciate the assistance in corporate matters and in contacts with our shareholders. We enjoy working with GFP Legal as its lawyers never lose sight of our business goals and work hard to make sure they are attained.

Mariusz Mulak, Management Board President
Max Group sp. z o.o.

The lawyers at GFP Legal support me when it comes to the carrying out of infrastructural investments, including matters related to public procurement. I use their services when I negotiate, sign or perform construction contracts as well as in the case of disputes with investors or subcontractors. I can always count on professional assistance. Thanks to the legal advice by GFP Legal I have been able to solve many practical problems.

Wojciech Wojciechowski, Entrepreneur

We use the services of GFP Legal in connection with our business operations. Its lawyers draft or verify the contracts we execute, advise us on corporate matters and help in the management and recovery of claims. We particularly value their professionalism, precision and punctuality as well as the fact that they are always there when we need them.

Jerzy Goriaczko, Management Board President
KER+3MR Technika Aluminiowo-Szklana sp. z o.o.

We appreciate the initiative and professional approach of the lawyers at GFP Legal. Their out-of-the-box solutions to the problems we were facing have oftentimes exceeded our expectations and have always worked well in practice. We are happy to be working together with this law firm as we can fully focus on our business instead of worrying about legal issues.

Paweł Jasiński, Management Board President
Apteneo sp. z o.o.

GFP Legal provides ongoing legal advisory in the course of our business. We use its services predominantly with respect to debt collection. We value the high standard of services, especially the expertise and punctuality of the firm’s lawyers.

Bartłomiej Lorych, Management Board President
Martez sp. z o.o.

We use the services of GFP Legal in matters related to trademark registration and verification of nutritional supplements’ labels. The lawyers either draft or analyze the contracts we sign, including contracts concerning manufacturing, sale and distribution of nutritional supplements in Poland. The services are always rendered in a professional and timely manner. We particularly appreciate the in-depth knowledge and openness of the legal professionals we work with.

Mariusz Musiol, Owner
DuoDent (Dr. Musiol) Zahnarztpraxis

GFP Legal assisted Mini-Maxi, a pharmaceutical wholesale company, in the organizational and proprietary restructuring of its business. The legal opinion, being the basis for such restructuring, was drafted in full comprehension of our needs and showed a deep understanding of the industry. We confirm that GFP Legal guarantees high-quality legal assistance for pharmaceutical wholesalers.

Irena Wydra, Owner
PPHU Mini-Maxi Pharmaceutical Wholesaler

GFP Legal has advised VET CARE veterinary clinic in the course of its business. We particularly appreciate the professionalism and thoroughness of the lawyers as well as the fact that they are always there when we need them.

Radosław Toś, Owner
VET CARE veterinary clinic

We have used the services of GFP Legal in matters related to the manufacturing and labelling of food (including nutritional supplements), in particular as regards trade names, markings, packaging and label specimens. The lawyers have also assisted us in completing all formalities and notifying the competent authorities of the intent to market nutritional products. We particularly appreciate their in-depth knowledge, creativity and proactive approach.

Magdalena Majewska, Partner
Urban Vegan s.c. M. Majewska M. Niklasz Sz. Niklasz

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